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WHAT’S GOOD FROM… Atlanta Teen, Deonte Bridges

This is a positive throwback story that should stay relevant!

African crushing stereotypes.. Atlanta Teen, Deonte Bridges, Receives $1 Million In Academic Scholarships. Named 1st African American Male Valedictorian In 10 Years!

Receives $1 Million Dollars In Academic Scholarships, Named First Black Valedictorian In 10 Years

At a time when it seems that sex tapes, rap beefs and scandals plague the news, one Atlanta high school teen is making a difference.

Deonte Bridges, the first Black Valedictorian of Booker T. Washington High School in over 10 years, gave an uplifting speech which should be listened to everyone young or old.

Bridges, who was awarded over $1 million dollars in scholarship money to complete his undergrad and graduate degrees is a true inspiration to everyone.

On behalf of, we would like to say congrats to Deonte Bridges,keep on rising. Story source Hip-Hop Wired

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