Jamie Foxx On Connecticut School Shooting: Violence In Movies Bears Some Responsibility

Jamie Foxx has criticized the movie industry in the wake of a shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Connecticut, saying that the entertainment industry needs to take responsibility for the violence it shows.

Speaking at a press event for his upcoming movie, Django Unchained, Foxx said actors can’t ignore that violence in movies can be an influence in events like Friday’s shooting, The Associated Press reported.

“We cannot turn our back and say that violence in films or anything that we do doesn’t have a sort of influence,” Foxx said in an interview on Saturday. “It does.”

Foxx would have some firsthand experience. Django Unchained is a spaghetti Western movie about a freed slave, and has been called incredibly violent. In the Quentin Tarantino movie, buckets of blood explode from characters when they are shot or torn apart by wild dogs.

Kerry Washington, Jamie Foxx‘s co-star in the movie, said there is a message in the movie’s violence.

“I do think that it’s important when we have the opportunity to talk about violence and not just kind of have it as entertainment, but connect it to the wrongs, the injustices, the social ills,” she said.

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