‘Code is the Language to Know’ @Jeffsnation

So many people are still dealing with unemployment, under employment, and sometimes just hating your job. But there is a language Tom that has the ability if used properly to open doors that no other language can. Its not Spanish, Mandarin, or Arabic. And there is no nationality or ethnicity connected to this language, but it is used more than even English and is directly beneficial to EVERY business and organization.

The language is CODE. Code is simply stated the language used to digitally program the apps, software and other functionality of all you do online. Sybil, as you know just last year Secretary of Education Arne Duncan talked about the fact that there are over One million jobs in America that have gone unfilled because so few US workers possess the high tech skills to fill them. Now trust me. All those jobs will not be filled by those that learn code, but in the day and age where technology rules everything around us, how valuable could it be to learn even at your current job and perhaps expand opportunities.

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