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This graffiti artist/break dancer talks about how she got into a bad relationship, got pregnant, and then found redemption in Jesus Christ and a new lease on life.

“My name’s Kristy. I draw. I dance. I break dance. I do illustration and murals. My company is Formulated Lines and I love doing it.

“I love various types of dancing, but definitely break dancing is the most passionate. What drew me to break dancing was the fact that there were no girls I knew that did it. I had a brother growing up, and everything he could do, I could do too.

“I just got into the whole New York culture, and from doing that, I met a lot of other friends that were from up North. A lot of my friends that I became really close with were African American.

“Yeah, I looked different and, yeah, everything else about me is different, but that is who I am, because I love all this stuff, all this hip-hop.

I grew up in church my whole life. When I was probably around 16, you start to be a teenager and, ‘Oh, I know everything.’ That’s where God kind of started fading away. I prayed, I still knew He was there, but I’m like, ‘OK, I’m going to do what I think is fun.’

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Do you ever think that there is no end to the problems you face? Do you feel that with each step forward, adverse circumstances pull you two steps back? If so, then welcome to the majority. Like most people Kristy Burchard feels the same way. A wise person rightly said that pain is inevitable but suffering is optional. You have to decide how much suffering your pain is going to inflict upon yourself and those around you. Here are a few suggested ways of thinking that will help you turn adversity into a positive experience.

Adversity is a Symptom, Not a Cause

Frequently adversity is a symptom of some other, deeper problem. You just lost your job, and you may think this is a devastating turn of events. But do you try to figure out why you lost a job? What made you so dispensable? Was it the right career for you? Similarly, if you are sick or your loved one is sick, try to figure out why the sickness has happened. Is it your lifestyle? Is it the environment around you? Is it simply your attitude? As physical pain is a symptom of some malady, your adversity is a symptom of another problem. Although your first priority is to handle the current situation, you should make a mental note of the source of the problem. Unless you solve it, you’ll keep getting into similar situations.

Adversity is a Lesson

The busyness of our lives doesn’t allow us time to pause and appreciate the people we have around us. Adversity often awakens us to the treasures that are far more important than money and material possession: our health, our family and our friends. Sudden financial losses teach us that we shouldn’t base our happiness on money. An illness teaches us to be humble and lead a healthy life. A sudden loss in the family makes us appreciate the cycle of birth, life and death. Such things may seem superficial, but you should learn from adversities if you don’t want them to control your life.

Adversity is Guidance

Sometimes adversity comes to your life to suggest that it’s time to change course. For example, when someone leaves you there is no use sulking and blaming yourself (and even the other person, frankly). Instead you should take it as a sign that a newer and more enlightened relationship should be sought that is more meaningful or constructive. Or maybe you should invest your time in other pursuits for the time being.”

I was complaining that I had no shoes till I met a man who had no feet,” Confucius said, and this is so true. Rather than getting bogged down with our own problems we should pay attention to people who happily survive, and even prosper, despite all odds. When you open your eyes and have a look at the larger world, you’ll be happy to know how well life has treated you.

We at BNz wanna thank Kristy for her testimony and her story. Indeed Kristy you’ve overcame adversity and we wanna thank you for sharing your story of inspiration with so many others that seek the very same will-power and motivation.

Little minds are tamed and subdued by misfortunes; but great minds rise above them.
Washington Irving

This is a guest post by Amrit Hallan. Amrit has just begun sharing his thoughts on life at Lifeonomy and maintains a how-to blog at HowToPlaza where he publishes links to the latest how-to blog posts and articles from all over the web.

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