Energy Experts to Blacks: You Must Think Green

Some of the greatest opportunities have been the result of an act as simple as a conversation. If African Americans hope to not only participate in the emerging green economy but also play a significant role in getting and creating jobs in that sector, they need to start talking.

At Black Enterprise’s “Conversation on Energy” forum held Tuesday in Washington, DC, experts working in the field of energy and green development talked about ways to move from policy mandates to engagement and also discussed career opportunities in the sector.

Entrepreneurs seeking to get in on the ground floor, were advised to first learn the rules of engagement by doing their homework on market demand, finding ways to access capital and recognizing the risk involved. And while some of the easiest points of entry, such as weatherization and retrofitting, are tempting and in great demand, it’s also important to think in terms of entering a market that is sustainable and therefore more permanent.

In addition, thinking green is not just about making money, said panelists at the Shell-hosted forum. The U.S., which played a pioneering role in environmental issues, is lagging behind other nations – and that is harmful to the nation’s economic security. Read more at Black Enterprise

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