Eight Mistakes to Avoid While Job Hunting Online

The Internet is a goldmine for job seekers who not long ago were relegated to newspaper want ads when it came time to find a new career. Potential employers are now just a click away on job boards such as Monster and Simply Hired, via social networking sites such as Craigslist and LinkedIn and directly through corporate Websites.

The fact that job hunting is faster online doesn’t make it any easier. Anyone who expects his or her resume to successfully navigate an employer’s “elimination pipeline,” must avoid these eight common mistakes:

Putting information, photos and videos on MySpace or Facebook that you wouldn’t want your new boss to see: The Internet has become the catchall for personal photos, videos and information, none of which should be accessible to potential employers. “Hiring managers know enough to get connected into Facebook,” says Dennis Nason, CEO at recruiting firm Nason & Nason in Coral Gables, Fla., “and you don’t want them reading about how you ‘got wasted last night.’ Keep those pieces of information – and the related photos – private.”

Building landmines into your online communications: If your job history dates back 50 years, focus on the last 20 years on your resume (and address the rest when you get the job interview). If you’re not willing to relocate or travel, keep it to yourself. And if you’re a smoker, don’t advertise it. “The fewer landmines you build into your online correspondence,” says Rick Gillis, a Houston-based job search and employment trends expert, “ the better chance you’ll have of getting the job interview.”

Including your physical address on your resume: Job seekers who are looking for jobs outside of their immediate region shouldn’t post their physical addresses on their resumes, advises Gillis. “Not only is it very 1980s, but putting your address on there can work against you,” he says. “Someone will look at your resume and say, ‘that’s too far away.’” Read complete story at Black Enterprise

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