Environment Has Role in Health of African American Boys

The poor health of African American boys and young adult males is a result of their environments and physical surroundings, according to a new report from the California Endowment.

In other words, according to researchers, if African American boys grow up in a safe neighborhood with a good school, where they can walk and play outside, where they have a regular doctor and where they have access to good food, they are more likely to live a long and healthy life. However, if those factors are not present, then they are “far more likely to live a shorter life, to earn less money, to be party or victim of violence and to be far less healthy emotionally and physically,” says the report.

Just as environment is a key factor in determining quality of life, it can also be an effective resource for addressing the same systems that have largely failed young black males. A community-led approach could actually change the direction of the lives of African American men, concludes the report. Read complete story at Black Enterprise

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