Biggie Smalls’ Children Do Big Things! T’yanna Celebrates High School Graduation

Biggie may not be with us anymore . . . but he left behind some REAL TREASURES. His children are among the most WELL ADJUSTED celebrity kids that we’ve EVER SEEN.

His son Christopher Jr (Faith’s son) is an honor student and actor. And his daughter, T’Yesha, just graduated from High School yesterday.

We’re told that not only is she an EXCELLENT STUDENT, but she is a very classy and STYLISH gal.

Their dad would be proud. . .

T’yanna’s godfather Lil Cease tweeted, “Congrads to my babygirl @tyanna810 4 a big acompliment 2day… I’m truly am proud of u & I’m always here 4 u!!”

T’yanna continued the Twitter celebration of her graduation by tweeting out many photos of her in her cap and gown, including a picture of her locking lips with her boyfriend!

It’s good to see her living such a normal life as a notorious T.E.E.N. T’yanna will be starting college in the fall. Story source and pictures at Get Write

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