Introducing Power 105.5 The KING Radio

June 1, 2011. Atlanta/Albany. Joining the ranks of broadcasting companies such as: Radio One (Nasdaq: ROIA), Salem Communications (Nasdaq: SALM) and Beasley Broadcasting (Nasdaq: BBGI), Light Media (OTC: LGMH), Inspirational Media Specialist, announced today that it has acquired: Power 105.5 FM (WZBN). Power 105.5 (WZBN) is situated in South Georgia (Albany Metropolitan Statistical Area) comprised of 165,400 residents (234th largest metropolitan area in the United States) and WZBN formerly played an Urban Hip-Hop and R&B format, as of May 31, 2011.

“Without a doubt, terrestrial radio is alive and well, weathering the torrential influx and dizzying array of new media platforms and applications, remaining viable, relevant and still the most powerfully effective medium for artists to penetrate mainstream and one of the most cost-effective platforms for advertisers to reach the masses. And best of all, for everyday consumers/listeners, terrestrial radio is free.

As such, it is a humbling honor to report that, effective June 1, 2011, WZBN (105.5 FM/Albany, GA) will faithfully serve the community, youth, young adults and adults, 24/7 today and hereafter, as WZBN-FM Radio: Power 105.5…The King. Power 105.5…The King will now operate as the world’s first terrestrial (over-the-air) FM Radio Station, in a Top 250 Metropolitan Statistical Area to play a consistent, enlightening, edifying and uplifting eclectic mix of Holy Hip Hop and Contemporary Gospel music.

To the Global community and every Minister of the Gospel, remain steadfast, rejoice in adversity and continue to do what you have been called to do. Always know that your efforts are never in vain and together and united, each and everyone of us can and make a difference within, throughout and beyond the communities that we are destined and chosen to serve. Time waits for no one and it is up to the body to save our communities, and if we do not, nobody will and in this valiant struggle we cannot ever afford to lose,” said Danny Wilson, General Manager, Power 105.5…The King. James 5:20.

About Power 105.5…The King:

Power 105.5…The King is located in Albany, GA, with music format being an eclectic mix of: Holy Hip Hop and Contemporary Gospel music. For more information, please visit: To listen live (via the Internet–outside of Metro Albany, GA (24/7), please visit: (Click ‘Play’ button to stream online or on your cellphone or digital device). Follow us on FaceBook and Twitter at:; and!/power105theking

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