Brand Newz n Life founder Christopher 'Play" Martin and Team Brand Newz are an organization & network dedicated to bringing balance to news. With positive reports and important information about individuals and events around the world and even up the street! Proving that Hip Hop has a new direction. 


Brand Newz is a multi-media, multi-generational online newz portal focused on elevating and celebrating people through presenting uplifting, empowering, insightful and fulfilling newz and information. We report stories about people like you and around the world who are making a positive difference in our communities, from the barbershop on the corner to the parks in the hood. From a super mentor to a superstar, our newz focuses on highlighting ordinary people doing extraordinary things through Brand Newz such as: Inspiration, Education, Technology, Health, Business, Politics, and more. 


Brand Newz is brought to you through the talents of students, rising communications professionals and supporters just like you, who participate in our hands-on professional development training. With your help, their work can continue to be displayed on online platforms.


We  champion colleges, schools and non-profit organizations around the country,  to help them bring awareness to their cause. For many years, Hip Hop was the only and most accessible form of media available to underserved communities. This enabled them to hear and tell the stories of what was going in the streets, in their neighborhoods and around the world. Hip Hop served as a voice for the voiceless and Brand Newz will follow this tradition, showing the world that “Hip Hop Has a New Direction” and that direction is up!


The forth coming early 2019 documentary is about the women and men who really danced and help make a lot of 80s- 90s Rappers & Singers performance presentations exciting and unforgetable. From the earliest low budget Hip Hop videos to the kings and Queens of R&B, Pop and Hip Hop, their faces, presence and dance moves compelled thousands of music fans watch Video Music Boxx, MTV, BET and more to record and rewind the videos over and over again! Christopher "Play" Martin travels from city to city to talk with many faces you would remember but didn't really know. Dancers like Saleema, Trinee, Kim J, Venus, Erin, Radiyah, Big Lez, Jossie, Fatima, Shake, Phendi, Scoop, Scrap Lover, Leg One & Two, Swatch, Shane, Latisha, Tyrone Proctor, Auti Angel, Donielle, Carolyn, Darrin Henson, Aphro, Portia, Flex, I.O.U Dancers, Joyce Van Hook, Oliver, Omar, Cliff Love, Kiam, Doc Ice, Stevio, G Whiz, Goofy, Mr. Swoopster, Str8 Ahead, Heart & Soul and more as they share their remarkable stories and success in entertainment. The documentary sheds light on the issue of women's roles and image in Hip Hop today from what it was. Today those girls to women are successful Mothers, Entrepreneurs, Producers, Writers, Community Leaders, Teachers "AND THEY DANCED"


About your Producer

A Queens, N.Y. native, Christopher “Play” Martin is considered a pioneer in the entertainment industry. As half of the iconic and groundbreaking Hip Hop duo “Kid ‘n’ Play,” he has contributed to some of the most defining moments in popular culture. 

Christopher is a celebrated, award-winning and self-taught documentarian, and founder of cutting-edge production company Playground Solutionz, which develops and produces short and full-length multimedia projects.

He recently served as a professional in residence at Florida A&M University in the Music Industry & Hip Hop Institute. He previously served in this role at Miles College, North Carolina Central University and Healthy Start Academy Charter School.

In addition, schools, churches, community organizations, and groups from around the nation have called upon Christopher to deliver empowering, insightful and inspiring keynote addresses and presentations. These include: Duke University, Stanford University, Florida State University, The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, the University of Illinois, and Western New England University.

Christopher is a recipient of the 2007 New York International Film Festival Award for “best full-length feature documentary” for his production work on “Welcome to Durham.” He has also received Grammy and Stellar Award nominations for his production contributions to “Taking the Gospel to the Streets” Volumes 1, 2, and 3 and the successful release of “Holy Hip Hop the Movie” a DVD documentary. He’s completing three additional documentaries titled: “Can Hip Hop Go To School?,” 
“... AND iDANCE,” and "The Marching 100." Christopher is currently in production with his new partner the living R&B and Soul music Legend, Pioneer and Super Producer Kenny Gamble (Philadelphia International's Gamble & Huff) at Full Sail University with the series "Architects of Hip Hop". In addition to nationally touring with Kid n Play on the I Love The 90s tour with long time friends Salt 'n Pepa.

In 2006, after a life-changing incident, which left him incapacitated and faced with learning to walk again, Christopher was inspired to create the multimedia news company Brand Newz. For Christopher, the painful experience was anything but an accident. During his recovery, his time was spent praying, reading and reflecting. He found himself engulfed in watching biographies, documentaries and 24-hour “news” networks.  

What he saw on the news was disappointing and awakened him to the reality that the stories being told by mainstream media were filled subjective reporting and misconceptions that served the purpose of dividing and discouraging people,
instead of unifying and uplifting them.   

He furiously asked, “Why isn’t there a network that focuses and reports on the positive people and events occurring in today’s society?” His question was divinely answered with another question: “Why don’t you do something about it?”